DeutschAssociation of German Saturday Schools (VDSS, London)

  • The Association of German Saturday Schools is the umbrella organisation of the German Saturday Schools in the United Kingdom.

  • Our member schools promote German language and culture in the United Kingdom, especially among families with German speaking backgrounds.

  • We provide a forum for exchanging and sharing experiences in running Saturday Schools.

  • We co-ordinate and organise joint cultural events like theatre performances, puppet shows or concerts.

  • We organise teacher-training courses in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut and the German Embassy.

  • We assist in setting up new Saturday Schools.

  • Our goal is to raise the profile of German Saturday Schools and bilingual education in the UK.

The VDSS was founded in the early nineties by members of German Saturday Schools in the London area. We operate as a voluntary organisation, relying on parents of the individual Saturday Schools to extend their commitment.

The English education system does no longer require pupils to study foreign languages beyond the age of 14, and the general opinion about the importance of learning foreign languages is divided.

As Saturday School Association, we strongly believe that being able to communicate in more than one language is ever more important in the multi-cultural society of today's Britain as well as in today's globalised world. We therefore support families who have decided to go down the often difficult and frustrating path of bringing up their children bilingually.

PDFVereinigung Deutscher Samstagsschulen
Ausgabe 30, Herbst 2012

PDFVereinigung Deutscher Samstagsschulen
Ausgabe 29, Sommer 2012

PDFVereinigung Deutscher Samstagsschulen
Ausgabe 28, Herbst 2011

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VDSS - Association of German Saturday Schools