VDSS in the media







November 2020

GLSC 2020 - Connecting to the German Language School Conference United States

Marianne and Charlotte were invited to give a talk at the 1st virtual German Language School Conference meeting. 'Virtuelle Unterrichtsideen und Erfahrungen'

November 2020

VDSS at the first virtual Language Show 2020

Charlotte Schulze and Marianne Siegfried-Brookes spoke about 'Activity-lead online language teaching ideas for community language schools'. Watch the video now.









October 2020

MiE article - The challenges of leading and managing German Saturday schools in the United Kingdom

Charlotte Schulze and Marianne Siegfried-Brookes publish an opinion piece in the 'Management in Education' journal.
Read the article here.

November 2019

VDSS represents community languages in talk at Language Show 2019 in London

Charlotte Schulze and Marianne Siegfried-Brookes spoke to an audience of language learning enthusiasts about  ideas and techniques to help children grow up bilingually in the UK.

Download the .ppt here.

November 2018

VDSS represents community languages in talk at Language Show 2018 in London

Together with Dr Ana Souza, a Brazilian academic and bilingualism specialist from Oxford Brookes University, our chair, Charlotte Schulze, spoke to an audience of language learning enthusiasts about the aims of community language schools in the UK.

August 2017

The VDSS interviewed by Katharina Strobel

In her book “Familie auf Europӓisch. Liebe und Alltag zwischen den Kulturen“, the journalist Katharina Strobel has travelled through the European Union to interview ‘cross-border’ families. She has spoken to a number of Germans and their partners from other EU countries in order to find out how they have negotiated their lives and the lives of their ‘binational’ children, as she calls them. She has also interviewed the VDSS as an example of an initiative that addresses the needs of bilingual children that grow up in Great Britain (p. 198).

April 2015
The VDSS in The Linguist
"Schools a class apart - What are the challenges for the UK's 5,000 supplementary schools" by Miranda Moore
The Linguist 54,2


November 14th 2014
The VDSS in the Guardian’s live Q&A session on “How can we better support community languages?”
Our Chair Charlotte Schulze was invited as a panelist to the two hour online discussion which touched upon the value of community languages, how they can be supported in the class room and which policies are needed to strengthen them. Read up on the whole discussion here!


November 24th 2014

The VDSS has taken part in the British Academy's debate on "Community Languages: policy, pedagogy, public understanding"

Our Chair Charlotte Schulze has been representing the VDSS and British supplementary schools as a speaker on the panel of the discussion. Find more information about the event here.