German Saturday Schools in the UK








More than 20 German Saturday Schools operate in the UK. The first school was established in the late 1980s in London and many have been founded since. We offer supplementary education in German for children who are growing up bilingually in the UK. Usually one parent has a German-speaking background or the family has spent some time in a German-speaking country. Most Saturday Schools are parent initiatives which do not receive funding and rely on voluntary work. However, each school is different with respect to aims, ethos, organisation and community. Have a look at the map below to find information about the school nearest to you.
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If you can't make it to the Saturday Schools on the map, there is now also an ONLINE Saturday School!

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As we do not actually teach German as a foreign language, but hold our lessons in German, children need to have a certain level of understanding and speaking German when they start out. Nearly all our teachers are native German speakers.

Children usually start in the Saturday School’s Kindergarten classes at the age of 3. All the schools offer provision through primary age, and some schools offer GCSE- and A-level preparation and/or preparation for the Goethe exams. Lessons usually run for two to three hours on Saturday mornings, with the school dates following the local British school terms; please check the individual schools for details.


Our main principals are:


  • Our overall goal is to improve children’s fluency and confidence in using the German language.

  • We want to familiarise the children with a wider use of the German language – in this context it is particularly important that the children (and parents) meet other children and families in the same situation, especially when they become older and the English school life gets ever more absorbing.

  • We try to develop an awareness and understanding of German culture and traditions among the children, while considering that they are living and growing up in the UK.

  • Most of us operate as voluntary organisations which are usually run by the children’s parents and rely on their input.

Our ethos is that children should enjoy coming to the voluntary, extra-curricular Saturday School. We aim to create a positive classroom experience, with an emphasis on celebrating German festivals and traditions.